T3 Digital Arts Proposal

Please review the whole form before you start. I would suggest collecting your answers in a google doc before completing and submitting the form. Once you have submitted the form, Ms. Wilkens and/or Ms. Mathieson will review and send you e-mail comments. Please make any suggested updates promptly in order for your project to be considered.

T3 Digital Arts Proposal Form

Welcome to Digital Arts!

During T1, we are going to try out a variety of digital creation tools and explore graphic design concepts of pixels, color, typography, image manipulation and layers through the lens of our “selfie” culture. Each day, you will share your work and reflections online.


Productive: focused listening, planning and working

Self-sufficient: patient, persistent, taking on challenges, respecting the stuff

Learning: learning to learn, not comparing your work with others, respecting yourself

Sharing: reflecting, helping peers, respecting others