1. How does color work?
  2. Explore the the Color Calculator
    • Find at least 3 combos you like & take screen shots
    • Explore¬†Piskel or Sumopaint,¬†experiment using Hex color codes
  3. Watch The Effect of Color
  4. Create a blog
    • In a web browser type,
    • Site Domain: dart17firstnamelastinitial (eg. dart17kimw)
    • Site Title: Digital Arts
    • Allow search engines to index this site: No
    • Pick a Theme that lets you customize the Header and/or Background image
  5. Create a banner image using one of your color schemes
    • Use Piskel or Sumopaint
    • Dimensions should be 1200×400
    • Update the Header or Background image on your blog with the banner you created.
    • If you finish up early, create an avatar image with new color scheme with other tool (Piskel or Sumopaint)