3D Design

  1. Research Jellybox – what kind of tutorials do they offer? how could they be improved?
  2. ​Create a Tinkercad account with school e-mail.
  3. Complete the Tinkercad Basic Lessons
  4. Complete three of the Tinkercad Projects
  5. Build interlocking pieces to construct a tower, creature or jewelry
  6. Convert 2D object to 3D
  7. ​Explore one other 3D Design platforms.
    1. Fusion 360 (download, you must use school e-mail to create an account, more advanced tool)
      1. Fusion 360 tutorial (chess set part 1)
    2. Sculptris* (free download, sculpting tool)
      1. ​Why Sculptris?
    3. Blender* (open source download, more advanced tool)
    4. SketchUp Make (free download for K-12 students & educators)
  8. Design an original 3D object that you can print & use
  9. Share your design on Thingaverse

Process for printing:

  1. Create a 3D object and save at .STL.
  2. Use slicing software, like Cura, to slice the object for printing
  3. Use the sliced file for 3D printing

Process for building printer:

  1. Document everything! Take pics as you are unpacking & pics/videos while building.
  2. Once successful, create a video and/or written tutorial others can use to assemble.