Data Visualization

  1. Watch The Art of Data Visualization
  2. Brainstorm: what are issues you wish others knew more about or you want to know more about
  3. Define the problem:
    • you – what you have to say & what you want to communicate
    • reader – coming with their own context, biases, assumptions
    • data – informs the truth
  4. Reflect: write a blog post that shares the problem you identified
    • I wish more _____, knew about _____ or I wish I knew more about _____).
    • What do you already know about the issue and what kind of data do you need to collect.
  5. Research data. Start a google doc and add data plus link where you found data.
  6. Identify the piece of data that will be the hero of your infographic story
  7. Identify the main points you want to share about this hero
  8. Identify a color scheme
  9. Layout infographic on paper
  10. Create an account on Piktochart with your school e-mail account
  11. Work in Piktochart to create infographic
  12. Reflect