Intro to Infographics

Watch The Art of Data Visualization.

Create an infographic to tell the story of you.  Your infographic should include:

  • your first name, nickname or alias
  • a one sentence bio
  • at least one chart to reflect some data from your life, eg. how you spend your day, sports stats, typical day at school, etc.
  • at least 3 fun facts about yourself
  • at least 3 of your favorite things or things to do
  • at least 3 icons that represent you (only one sport please)
  • bonus: include an avatar to represent yourself that you created

Complete the Infographic Project Plan

Create a Color Scheme  for your infographic

Create an account on Piktochart. You can pick a free infographic template or start from scratch.

Pay attention to:

  • layout: use the grid lines to help with alignment
  • typography: is it readable? minimize text & maximize visuals
  • consistency: keep the same style throughout, minimize clutter
  • negative space: make sure to leave space around graphics & text, so there is breathing room to process the information


  • Make sure you go through infographic check list
  • Consider creating your own icons in Piskel or Sumopaint
  • Make sure you get feedback from at least 2 students and me
  • Download your image from Piktochart. Select Download & then Medium size.
  • Create a blog post. Add your infographic first & color scheme next. Make sure infographic is large.
  • Complete a self-assessment for your work during this class
  • Try out Sketchpad
  • Create an animated GIF image using Piskel

Infographic examples: