1. Watch Typography
  2. Create an inspirational quote image
  3. Pick a color scheme for your quote & take a screen shot
  4. Using just your color scheme & fonts available in Pixlr, bring your inspirational quote to life:
    • Your image should be 1024 x 768 pixels
    • Be sure to incorporate the color scheme you picked
    • You cannot use any pics from the web (you can create an image, if you want)
    • Remember to use layers so you can easily move objects around on screen
    • Don’t expect to be finished with this piece by end of class
    • If you are not done, be sure to save your image as a PXD (Layered Pixlr Image), so you don’t lose those layers when you come back to work on this.
    • When you think you are done, get feedback from at least 2 classmates. When giving feedback, be specific about what appeals to you and what you would recommend changing.
    • Make updates based on feedback.
    • When you are done, save image to your computer as a .PNG

      You have 2 days to work on this, so please don’t rush through on Friday!


  5. On your blog, create a new post:
    • Add your color scheme screen shot
    • Add your inspirational quote image (make sure to select Large or Full-size for image size)
    • Write a reflection about why you chose the colors & fonts that you did for the quote you picked.
  6. Done? Try painting with words with this tool. Create an avatar using one of the image editing tools we’ve explored in class so far.