Days 1 & 2

Create a Digital Trading Card!


Make a plan

  • Pick a color scheme to use
  • Draw an avatar
  • Describe your avatar

Create  a digital version of your avatar with Piskel

  • Try using the 3 colors you used in your drawing
  • Select Export
  • Change resolution to 320×320
  • Download as PNG.

Create a Trading Card

  • Upload your avatar image
  • Fill in title, sub-title, description & pick style and icons
  • Select Create
  • If you want to make change, Select Edit. If it looks good, select Download.

Reflect: Upload your trading card to your padlet and reflect – What did you do? What did you learn? What could you improve for next time?


  • Download & install GIMP (open source raster editor)
    • Download directly button (ORANGE)
  • Download & install Inkscape (open source vector editor)
  • Create an animation with Piskel

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