Day 3 – Shapes: Intro to Illustrator


  • Layout – path and Intersect in Illustrator
  • Shapes – Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon and Star in Illustrator
  • Transform – Stretch, Rotate, Resize
  • Vector image – created with a program like Illustrator or Inkscape and based on mathematical calculations. Logos and illustrations are usually vector images.

Intro to Illustrator

You will use just the shape tool to create abstract art. For your first piece, limit yourself to 4 colors.

  • Pick 3-4 colors using Color Calculator (keep this tab open for reference)
  • Open Illustrator
  • See video tutorial below for hints
  • On your Padlet share .PNG file and reflect: What did you enjoy about activity? What did you find challenging?

If you finish one piece, then pick some new colors and start on another.

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