Day 3

Create a Background for Padlet!

You will experiment with each of the following online image editing apps for 10 minutes each. I have a challenge for each, see if you can figure out the tool to make it happen.

  • Sketchpad (online) – notice what happens when you use the Fill option
  • Pixlr Express (online) – take a selfie and experiment with Effects, Overlay, Borders & Stickers
  • SumoPaint (online) – experiment with the symmetry & star tools and the wide variety of brushes

After exploring each tool, you will pick one to make a background image for your padlet. Be sure to export/save as a .PNG file.

Reflect: Upload your background image to your padlet and reflect – What did you do? What did you learn? What could you improve for next time?


  • Download & install GIMP (open source raster editor)
  • Download & install Inkscape (open source vector editor)
  • Choose a different tool and create another background image & upload to padlet. Indicate which one you prefer to be your background image.

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