Days 6 & 7

Create a Text Portrait!

  • Download your green screen image from the google drive
  • Open Inkscape (if Inkscape is not working on your computer, use a lab one)
  • Select File -> Open and load your image
  • Follow instructions from video tutorial.

Reflect: When your text portrait is complete, export it as a .png file and then upload to your padlet and reflect – What did you do? What did you learn? What could you improve next time? Note, even if you did not complete the project, take a screen shot of what you did and reflect.

Find images for collage

  • Search for 6 objects that are meaningful to you. For example, I would look for a corgi, butterfly, skates, electric bike, Scratch icon & tech-girls logo.
  • Use Save Image As to download each image to your computer.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to use GIMP on a school laptop, use that computer to find & save images.
  • Create a google doc, where you can keep track of website where image came from to cite later, for example this butterfly image comes from Wikimedia Commons.

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