Days 8 & 9

Create an image collage!

Find images for collage

  • Search for 6 objects that are meaningful to you. For example, I would look for a corgi, butterfly, skates, electric bike, Scratch icon & tech-girls logo.
  • Use Save Image As to download each image to your computer.
  • Create a google doc, where you can keep track of website where image came from to cite later, for example this butterfly image comes from Wikimedia Commons.

Crop objects

  • For any object that does not have a transparent background, follow this GIMP tutorial to crop out your object.
  • Save each object using File -> Save As.

Add images to collage:

  • Create a new file in GIMP by selecting File -> New then enter 1280 x 720 as image size.
  • Open one of your saved object by selecting File -> Open. You will now have 2 GIMP windows open. Select Edit -> Copy from object window.
  • Select Edit -> Paste as -> New Layer from collage window.
  • Use Scale Tool to resize (hold Shift key down while resizing to keep perspective).
  • Use Move Tool to move object into place.
  • Repeat process until all objects are each new layers on collage image.
  • If you have time, you can create a background image for your collage. If not, go to the Background layer and paint bucket a color in.
  • When you are done

Reflect: When your collage is complete, select File -> Export As a .png file  and then upload to your padlet.  Copy your image citations as your reflection.

Self-Assessment: Get paper copy of self-assessment from Ms. Wilkens and complete!

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