Days 8 & 9

Create an image collage!

Find images for collage

  • Search for 6 objects that are meaningful to you. For example, I would look for a corgi, butterfly, skates, electric bike, Scratch icon & tech-girls logo.
  • Use Save Image As to download each image to your computer.
  • Create a google doc, where you can keep track of website where image came from to cite later, for example this butterfly image comes from Wikimedia Commons.

Crop objects

  • For any object that does not have a transparent background, follow this GIMP tutorial to crop out your object.
  • Save each object using File -> Save As.

Add images to collage:

  • Create a new file in GIMP by selecting File -> New then enter 1280 x 720 as image size.
  • Open one of your saved object by selecting File -> Open. You will now have 2 GIMP windows open. Select Edit -> Copy from object window.
  • Select Edit -> Paste as -> New Layer from collage window.
  • Use Scale Tool to resize (hold Shift key down while resizing to keep perspective).
  • Use Move Tool to move object into place.
  • Repeat process until all objects are each new layers on collage image.
  • If you have time, you can create a background image for your collage. If not, go to the Background layer and paint bucket a color in.
  • When you are done

Reflect: When your collage is complete, select File -> Export As a .png file  and then upload to your padlet.  Copy your image citations as your reflection. Note, even if you did not complete the project, take a screen shot of what you did and reflect.

Self-Assessment: Get paper copy of self-assessment and complete! Afterwards, you will meet individually with Ms. Wilkens to go over your goal statement for T2. Your goal statement will be included in your report card.

Complete T2 Digital Arts Preference Survey

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