Day 5 – Layers: Intro to Photoshop


  • Background – bottom layer
  • Eraser – removes color and turns transparent
  • Layer – different levels where you can place and move objects around
  • Magic wand – a selection tool based on color
  • Raster image – created with a program like Photoshop or GIMP and are based on pixels. Photos and digital paintings are usually raster images.
  • Transform – Scale and Rotate

Intro to Photoshop

  • Save this image of a hand (Source: istockphoto)
  • Open Photoshop and File -> Open image of hand
  • Search for an object to put in hand (Hint: make sure image has transparent background)
  • File -> Place Embedded and find your object (Hint: notice this created a new layer)
  • Scale, move and rotate as needed (Hint: if you need to scale or rotate later, find options under Edit -> Transform)
  • Search for a background image (Hint: be sure image is larger than the hand image which is 612×408)
  • File -> Place Embedded and find your background
  • Drag background image to bottom of layers (Hint: if you see a lock on hand image, click it to unlock)
  • To make background visible, select layer with hand. Use Magic Wand select white background. Select Edit -> Clear. You should now see your background image.
  • See video tutorial below for more hints
  • On your Padlet share .PNG file and reflect: What did you enjoy about activity? What did you find challenging? Where did you get images?

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