Illustrator Project


  • DPI – dots per inch
  • Font – typeface, size and weight of text
  • Path – a line or curve with anchor points
  • PPI – pixels per inch
  • Serif vs. Sans Serif
  • Typography


  • Experiment with text on a path
  • Create a shape -> Shape Tool
  • Create a curve -> Pen Tool
  • Draw a path -> right-click on Shaper Tool and select Pencil Tool
  • Experiment with Text on each of these objects
  • Right-click on Text and select Text on a Path
  • Select a point on the path of shape, curve or drawing.
  • Move text around and try out different fonts, sizes, colors.
  • NOTE: Need an inspirational quote for your text? Check here.

Take a screenshot of your experiment. On your Padlet share file and reflect: What did you learn? What is your plan for your button?

Create 3 Buttons

  • Create a circle and try out gradients
  • You will create 3 buttons with text on a path inside circle:
    • Button 1: Imagine, Discover, Create
    • Button 2: Motivational Quote (don’t forget to give credit)
    • Button 3: Your Choice (appropriate
  • Create each button separately and export each as .PNG (with transparent background)
  • Upload each to your Padlet and reflect: What did enjoy about this activity? What did you find challenging?
  • Finished early? Create something in Piskel, Photoshop or Illustrator OR explore Processing.

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