Photoshop Project


  • Contrast – difference between color, value, size
  • Desaturate – make colors more muted (more black or white added)
  • Displacement mapping – gives the surface a sense of depth and detail
  • Filter – individual algorithms that alter the appearance of an image
  • Gradient – specifies a range of position-dependent colors, usually used to fill a shape

Graffiti Project

  • Download this brick wall image to use (source: Pixels)
  • Do not download a font. Find one you can use in Photoshop. Be sure it has a bold option.
  • Pick ONE word to turn into graffiti. Size it as large as possible on the wall.
  • After first day, be sure to save your work and screenshot. Add the screenshot to your Padlet.

Last Days (11/12, 11/13)

  • Wrap-up Graffiti Project. Export & upload impact to your padlet. Reflect on what you enjoyed about this project and what you found challenging.
  • Complete self-evaluation including goal statement.
  • Review self-evaluation and goal statement with Ms. Wilkens.
  • Create your button(s)
  • Do a challenge:
    • Create a custom brush with Processing and create a work of art.
    • Create a logo using shapes in Illustrator.
    • Take a selfie and try out the different filters in Photoshop.
    • Create a funny, but appropriate image, using layers and transparency in Photoshop.

Nov 14 – bonus day (8th grade only)

Nov 18 – New Art Groups – meet in 7/8 Commons

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